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Catalyseur National Inc. is a manufacturing company established since 2003. We specialize in the manufacturing of catalytic converters, universal catalysts, connectors and exhaust pipes.

850 Pierre-Caisse, Local 500 SAINT-JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU, Québec, Canada J3B 7Y5

TVQ: 1205161968TQ0001 :
TPS/TVH: 145291639RT
WARRANTY On passenger vehicle: 2 years / 40,000Km on ceramics Hose, flexible: 1 year / 20,000Km Commercial vehicle: 3 months / 5,000Km For warranty to be honored Installer must include customer’s name and address, make, model and mileage of vehicle on service invoice; will need to provide proof of failed emissions test. The manufacturer may require proof that the vehicle’s engine has been tuned to the manufacturer’s original specifications and properly maintained. Repairs and replacements made under this warranty do not extend the original warranty period and do not absorb any costs for replacement (work) performed by the customer. If the product is returned before the expiration of the warranty period, the manufacturer will (at its option) either repair or replace the product. This warranty will be rendered null and void if the product is damaged as a result of negligence or improper installation (e.g., uninstalled mounting bracket), unauthorized repair or modification, or if the installation has not been properly followed.

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