Catalyseur National Privacy Policy

Welcome to the site (below: the “site”). The present document deals with the politics of Catalyseur National Inc. which exploits the site as for the protection of the personal information. This politics leans on the current laws in Canada, in the Law on protection of the personal information and the electronic documents and Law on the protection of the personal information in the private sector (L.R.Q., reprimand P-39.1) in the province of Quebec, where is the head office of the company we make no representation for the effect that this politics respects the law of the province or the state of residence of the company.

1. General

The protection of your personal information and the information collected on your subject is important for us. In the present politics of confidentiality (the “Politics), we wish to inform you about the motives for which we collect of the information on your subject and on the manners of which we proceed tooth’s collection of data (the information) in the storing of these data and for the information.

2. Consent in the Politics

By visualizing the “Site”, you agree to submit yourselves to the politics. We save ourselves, any time and in our entire discretion and without advance notice, the right to modify Politics. By the fact keeping visualizing the site, you show your consent to the modifications brought to the politics and you agree to be bound by the latter such as amended. We recommend you to consult regularly to the policies.

3. OtherApplicable Agreements

The use and purchase of products on the site are governed by conditions of use and Modalities and terms of sale of the storekeepers (The “Modalities and Conditions”) By visualizing the “Site”, you declare to have read these Modalities and Conditions and you agree to be bound by them. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use the Site.

4. The Collected Information

The information collected on your subject can include, without being limited, your name, name of company, mailing address, phone number, e-mail, fax number, age, cookies, IP adresses, billing address, number of credit card and expiry date, etc. We also take in of the information on your use of the site, in particular the Web browser whom you use during your visits, the visualized pages, the downloaded documents, the type of web browser whom you use during your visit and your electronic exchanges with us (in particular by emails and chat).

5. Storing and Protection of the Information

We keep the information as long as reasonably necessity for the purposes described in the policies or if the law requires him to us, for a longer period. We store the information on secure waitress and take reasonable measures to protect.